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Having explored various photographic genres, Michael eventually realized that his true calling lies in product photography, most notably automotive and all things shiny and slick. His interest in cars results in what he believes to be a perfect combination of his 2 passions.

His latest venture is to blend his photography with the creative freedom offered by Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), but in a way that makes such a process indistinguishable to the viewer. To Michael, this is a fun and magical action, and will change product photography forever.
Raised in Hong Kong, he is based in Toronto, Canada where he received his photography training and apprenticeship. His meticulous workflow and down-to-earth attitude are well suited for the high-strung and fast-paced nature of the advertising world.
Michael continues to strive for creating the perfect image both technically as well as pushing creative boundaries for all his campaigns.

Michaels client list consists of the worlds top automotive manufacturers and brands: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Honda, Acura, Bell, just to name a few.