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Sam Norval was born and raised in Cape Town, the artistic and cultural melting pot of Southern Africa.

Feeling the need for creative growth, he moved to London, England to pursue his passion for photography.

During the years he lived in London, he was fortunate to work with some of the most talented and inspirational photographers in Europe. This allowed Sam to be exposed to a multitude of creative people.

Throughout his tenure in London, Sam traveled extensively throughout Europe, drawing inspiration from the fashion, art, architecture, heritage and general European way of life.
Feeling the need to explore a new avenue, Sam packed his bags once more and moved to the city of his childhood dreams, New York City.

Living in New York City has allowed Sam to work on many different facets of his craft. He spent this time building his vision for his work and relationships with many new clients.

Sam has a unique way of blending African, European and American flair to his vision as a photographer. Using his fine art background, Sam searches for the ultimate usage of shadows, light, linear composition and complimentary colours, that translates in his work.